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Date: 22nd February 2019
Zirconia Oxygen Cell
Liquid steel oxygenated half battery products Oxygen-fixing semi-battery is the core component of oxygen-fixing probe and sub-lance compound probe. Mainly by zirconium tube, wood needle and a variety of chemical tests Formula of the agent. The semi-battery with constant hypoxia (10PPM) developed by us is of good quality. It is equipped with a probe for measuring temperature and oxygen in molten steel. Through the use of several steel?making plants, the performance index has reached the advanced level in the same field in the world. ? The performance of this product is stable and reliable, which provides a prerequisite for China's independent production of molten steel temperature measurement oxygen and fixed aluminum probes.?Technical ParameterOxygen activity range:Response timeRate of measurementOxygen potentialProduct specificationsoxygen measurement processReproducibility1-1000 ppm? 5s?98%-300-?-+300mv300 x 150 (mm) 300 x 300 (mm)?8S?2mvProduct packaging: 100 per box?Company Profile Yueqing Changfeng Temperature Measuring Devices Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells fast thermocouple accessories and fast sampler accessories. It is a limited liability company integrating the production and customization of industrial thermocouple accessories, stamping and drawing parts. The company has advanced management concept, perfect production equipment, mature production technology and rich export experience. With the progress of the times, our products also gradually improve with the pace of the times, striving to keep pace with the times. The progress of science and technology promotes the development of detection technology. Our company keeps learning advanced technology at home and abroad to improve its product quality and reduce production costs.We adhere to the principle of credibility-based and pursuing accurate product quality. With scientific management and keeping pace with the times as its purpose. ?Q1: Do you have stock ? A1:Most of products are under regular production , we can make delivery immediately if we the specific one in stock. Q2: Can you do OEM? A2:Yes,I can Q3:How about the MOQ? A3: Normally, it is 100PCS for each model
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